Lumbreco was founded by Snezhana Blagova in 1996 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At first it wast just a small red worm farm that started to operate in cooperation with a nearby diary farm. It was a great bussiness for both parties - one was producing high quality worm castingand the other was reducing it's organic waste.  


In the milenium year the number of farms opened by the managment of Lumbreco have grown to 8 spread across the country. The company established to be the largest in Bulgaria. All the production was distributed to  farmers, greenhouses, city parks and etc. and the amazing effect of the vermicompost made Lumbreco the preferred choice.



After joining the European Union in 2007 Lumbreco expanded globally and localy. Many farmers bough red worms and started their own business with the help of Lumbreco and Snezhana Blagova. Till 2009 more than 50 farms were opened. Using the funds from the European Union many young farmers have chosen this business because of its environmental impact.



In 2010 Lumbreco made a significant breakthrough. With the help of Agricultural University of Plovdiv a new product was disigned. Lumbreco Liquid Extraxt which unlinke



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