Why Lumbreco?

Lumbreco has been established in the year 2014. The company specializes in organic products for conventional and organic farming, without any chemical impurities.

  • Because it's 100% natural product.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to use, can be mixed with other products.
  • Higher yields with excellent quality indicators
  • Overcomes the stress of the plant after spraying it with chemical products
  • Proven quality in all regions of the country and with international recognition

Lumbreco is at the forefront of crop nutrition technology using amino acids. The company specializes in the production of biological and organic fertilizers and has been developing its technological knowledge and skills for more than 7 years.

Our exceptional degradation technology allows biologically active substances to be extracted into forms that are readily available for absorption by plants.

We at Lumbreco are constantly researching and striving to improve our products, achieving high results, including:

  • Increasing levels of sugar and minerals in plant production
  • Increasing levels of sugar and minerals in plant production
  • Release of vital "locked" nutrients into the soil
  • Significant improvement of soil structure
  • Extending the shelf life of production
  • Increasing drought tolerance
  • Increasing resistance to numerous pests

Vision and mission


Through our products we strive to improve the quality not only of the production but also of the arable land itself because this is farmers’ most valuable asset. This guarantees them sustainable development, preserving the land as capital and not turning it into an unusable, dead field.


  • To develop the potential of the Bulgarian arable land
  • Increase soil fertility
  • Increase crop production
  • Improve the quality of crops
  • Develop and enforce organic farming practices on the market
  • To increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian products
Philosophy and technology

Lumbreco's philosophy and technology are designed to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable soil and plant solutions. Our products restore natural soil fertility through innovative production technologies.

Suitable fertilization is required to achieve high yields and quality production. Lumbreco gives you ready-made solutions tailored to your specific agricultural needs. Our solution is a complete program with cost effective, environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers.

The power of Lumbreco is to make the plant absorb the contents of the soil by activating the ion pump. Depending on the composition and the pH of the soil, some elements remain blocked. In acidic soils - phosphorus, potassium and molybdenum, and in alkaline soils - manganese, zinc, boron, copper and iron.

Lumbreco contains fulvic acid, which chelates, then charges positive ions with blocked elements and makes them digestible for the plant.

Lumbreco’s motto

Leaving our children with a living land, a precious capital that nature has created only once. It is important to win, but to do so reasonably, with respect for the environment and intellect in the use of modern plant protection products.

Lumbreco is a natural product that activates the plant's natural forces to absorb nutrients and fight pathogens through increased immunity. Let us leave future generations a living, fertile land, not a dead, useless ground.