Lumbreco, organic fertilizer for Rapeseed

General information

Lumbreco is a liquid organic fertilizer that has a high content of amino acids of vegetable origin, obtained by hydrolysis of plant meal.

Some of the most important amino acids contained in Lumbreco are:

  • Aspartic acid, which is a reserve and transport form of nitrogen.
  • Glutamic acid, which is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll, regulates the process of opening and closing the stomata (regulates transpiration, participates in pollination).
  • Glycine - enhances plant resistance and is involved in chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Alanine - stimulates seed germination. Valine and leucine - enhance the dry and salt tolerance of plants, as well as participate in the pollination process.
  • Arginine - stimulates the development of the root system and the synthesis of growth phytohormones.

The integrated American extraction technology retains the high content of fulvo and humino acids, as well as micro and macro elements and growth stimulators.

  • Gibberellins - stimulate seed germination and increase leave size, harden the stem, reduce the interstitial distance, which reduces the percentage of lying
  • Auxins - affect cell division, root development and growth.

Lumbreco contains biologically active substances - actinomycetes, gram positive bacteria that produce natural antibiotics, which increases plant resistance to disease. Through foliar spraying, Lumbreco guarantees the active absorption of the soil fertilizers from the basic fertilization. A rich source of nourishing substance and growth stimulator. Increases the energy capacity of the leaf mass and photosynthesis. Strengthens the plant root system, accelerates the process mycorrhiza. Stimulates the beneficial soil microflora and serves as a soil improver. Increases the plant resistance to pathogens. Acts as an antifreeze, entering the cell membranes. Increases germination and friendly germination of seeds.

Method of administration and benefits

Phase `2-6 leaf` - Lumbreco in a dose 100 ml. / 1000 m²

The autumn spatter secures a full complex of the necessary macro (N, P, K) and micro elements – Boron, Copper, Mangan, Molibden and Zinc. Lumbreco strengthens the plant and improves the winter resistance. It acts as antifreeze, entering cell membranes. It regulates the development of the young plants by supply of suitable nourishing elements, whose lack would make them more fragile and yielding to frosting. It secures a better water regime and metabolism. The plants endure the winter more successfully and recover quickly in spring. It is recommended to be used together with the growth regulator.

Phase flower stem forming` - Lumbreco in a dose 100 ml. / 1000 m².

A maximum effect is reached by spring fertilizing. It supplies the plant with all necessary nourishing substance. It helps in the increase of the number of follicles and their better filling.

Phase from `rosette` to `budding` - Lumbreco in dose 100 ml./1000 m²

It secures the necessary nourishing elements to the forming on the lower floors follicles. It contains stimulators of biological origin that activate the photosynthesis and the flow of assimi-lates to the forming generating organs. The liquid formulation is suitable for use at broad areas by air techniques too. Leaf fertilizing can be combined with putting in pesticides too, that saves energy and labour.

Application results and yields

The results that we see in the fall application of Lumbreco in rapeseeds are getting a well-formed rosette, which is required for its successful wintering. Via foliar feeding, the nutrients are quickly absorbed from the leaves and help strengthen the plants' rooting system. There is also an increase in the content of plastic substances in the leaves. Rapeseeds depend entirely on instant photosynthesis, and Lumbreco helps to intensifying this process. In the spring we apply the product twice, which leads to increased yields and increased rapeseed oil.

Satisfied customer reviews and recommendations

Longtime customers of the company in the region Razgrad said that in 2019 at rapeseed flowering temperatures were unusually low for that period. Other manufacturers observed unusually low yields. The organic fertilizer Lumbreco helped crops once again to overcome severe stress and customers were able to maintain the quality as well as quantity of production.

Recommended dose and time of administration


1 l. per hectare twice

2 l. per hectare once

3 l. per hectare once once in the presence of stress factors - hail, illness, frost, etc.


Lumbreco is compatible with most commonly used plant protection products.

Safety use instructions

Keep out of the reach of children! Avoid contact with skin and eyes! Use personal protective equipment, such as gloves, work clothing, goggles, when handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use!


Lumbreco, organic fertilizer, is available in the following commercial packages:

T 10L S 20L U 1000L